We write winning tender documents. Tenders are like award submissions. You need to sell your business or proposition hard, in succinct wording so that you can secure funding or win a contract. The Award Shop has been highly successful with helping clients to do exactly that.

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“When Auckland Airport decided to put their taxi services out to competitive tender, Georgia helped us win that contract. When I walked into that room to discuss the tender with the Auckland Airport panel, they stated that we had put forward the best and most professional document they had received. Our contract with Auckland Airport was well worth tendering for and since then, we’ve come to Georgia to help us with ongoing communication needs.”

Carol Ramsay,

CEO, Cheap Cabs

“Georgia helped me successfully apply to ATEED for marketing funding for the new Auckland  ELEMENTAL  Festival for 2019. The application was lengthy and daunting. Georgia’s understanding of  why  the questions in the application were being asked, what ATEED would be looking, response triggers for success and how to articulate those answers so professionally is a huge skill. I have no doubt my application was successful because of Georgia’s ability to craft such strongly relevant and worthy application response.”

Sue Duncan,

CEO and Founder, Craft’d Events