The Award Shop transforms award entries into powerful stories. Powerful stories inspire. They are remembered and retold. They stand out from the piles of award submissions in front of judges. If you want an award-winning submission, contact The Award Shop.

“For years I spent a ton of money marketing my company. I tracked the ROI on everything I did. After about a million dollars of traditional advertising, I found that I should have stopped talking about myself. One piece of well-landed PR, along with a business award, afforded me much more credibility, exposure and connections than any paid marketing. Plus, it got others talking about my company, which was much more reliable than me talking about myself.”

Matt Shoup, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author of ‘Become an Award Winning Company’, and Really Inspiring Guy.

Less showing off and more facts

    When it comes to awards, prove it with results.
Less is more – the judges have a lot to read.
Cut the jargon and make it accessible.
If you can’t write, don’t write.

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Award entries can be as painful as pulling teeth.

Questions to answer and pages to fill. As for time to do it…

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“Whether you think you can
or you think you can’t,
you’re right.”

Henry Ford